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what we do for you?

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

business plan

Early: project consulting, planning, feasibility report, setting up a hospital design concept and various aspects, such as investment project.

In the 17 years that the doctor has been exposed to the design of the hospital, with the strong building team, the hard technical expertise, innovative design, top-notch service, and the planning of the hospital has been designed to provide a lot of planning and application to the medical establishment

Architectural planning

Medium term: project planning and design, architectural design, retrofit, greening design, etc.

Professional architectural planning and design team, and set up a joint or group d artisan design of Shanghai branch, a team provides the high quality for the national hospital project construction planning and design team.

Market operation

Medium term : interior decoration design, space soft decoration design, brand image design, vi guide design.

The design of interior decoration, indoor soft decoration and space orientation of the hospital can help the hospital establish a good medical environment and medical image orientation and other space planning and design.

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