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Feasibility Study Report

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

The main content of the feasibility study report requires a comprehensive and systematic analysis as the main method, economic benefits as the core, around the various factors affecting the project, using a lot of data to prove whether the proposed project is feasible. And the feasibility, effectiveness and technical program of the project implementation of a detailed technical demonstration and economic evaluation, in order to determine the technical reasonable, economical optimal program. Project feasibility study report is the most important core document in the project initiation stage, and also the main basis of project decision-making.

Feasibility Study Report

1. Project overview
2. Basic information of the enterprise
3. Necessity of product demand analysis and transformation
4. Main contents and objectives of the transformation
5. Total investment, capital source and capital composition of the project
6. Personnel training and technical sources
7. Project implementation schedule
8. Analysis of economic and social benefits of the project

Hospital investment projects usually need to be submitted to the regional or national development and reform commission for approval and filing. Affected by the different types of subdivision, capital scale, construction area and investment mode of the investment project, the project feasibility study report (the approval report is a simplified version of the feasibility study report) has different focuses. In order to ensure the successful approval of the project by the NDRC, the feasibility study report should be prepared with the assistance of experienced professional consulting agencies or commissioned by qualified design units.

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