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Concept Planning

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

ospital project conceptual planning is a new kind of planning between hospital development planning and construction planning, which emphasizes innovation, foresight and guidance. It is to belong to a kind to macroscopical development train of thought discuss and research. As a thinking method of planning and design, it weakens the appearance of design and makes planning a programmatic and strategic document to guide and coordinate regional development and construction.

Concept planning -- concept is one of the basic forms of thinking, reflecting the general and essential characteristics of objective things. Conceptual planning is not a statutory planning, it can be prepared at both macro level and micro level. Concept planning scope is wide, is a description of the future vision and integrity, a certain guidance. Conceptual planning is early in the planning of a YanTaoXing planning means, is in the ideal state of land use development with certain forward-looking, creative idea, content structure, overall, outlining a plan to give priority to.

Less by planning the implementation of the concept planning of subjective condition, such as standard principle, namely settle policy, habits, etc.) and the objective conditions, such as transportation, financial conditions, technical conditions and time conditions, etc.), it contains only the main structure and critical application planning content, only requires the idea of the overall grasp the core project planning and the project implementation of the unity of time and space layout and landscape environment and integration process, only some overview, not the details.

The Project Concept Planning Has The Following Characteristics:

(1) more imagination and creative thinking, more forward-looking.
(2) pay attention to the structure, the overall plan, focus on the main contradiction.
(3) the use of fuzzy syndrome differentiation, allowing the existence of bias.
(4) scientific division of labor and organization and coordination for planning can be completed by a few planners.
(5) fast and flexible, low cost, high efficiency, convenient for timely preparation, timely revision, timely update, widely used. 

In the construction of hospital design, concept planning is an essential link, is a professional and meticulous planning, it is easy to get clearance agency approval first, lay a foundation for the later work, but the hospital itself is complex and professional design, conceptual planning to find a professional company is the best choice, is conducive to the rapid construction and development of hospital.

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