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Medical Process Design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

What is medical process design? (3) technological design for hospital refers to the planning of the activity process and procedure of all the medical system inside the hospital. The so-called medical system is the structure and function of medical treatment itself. Its structure refers to the various parts, elements and components of the medical system as a whole. In the process of construction of hospital, medical process design is to set up a bridge between users and designers in the hospital, the medical treatment process is an important reference of design elements, only for medical system function has a more clear understanding and the understanding, to design a meet the requirements of use, conform to the humanized design idea, in line with the hospital development rule, let the user satisfaction, distinctive medical building.

Medical Process Design Is Basically Divided Into Three Levels:

1. Primary process design refers to the process and layout design carried out in the planning stage of the hospital's functional system;
2. Secondary process design refers to the process and layout design of internal departments and departments of the hospital;
3. Three-level process design refers to the internal operation process and layout design of the medical function room. 

Some people say that medical process design can be divided into five levels, but all changes are the same, the overall content is the same.

At present, many hospitals ignore or neglect the medical process design in the process of building or expanding hospitals, and some hospitals even don't know what is the medical process design. Because design does not reach the designated position, often cause "trilateral engineering", edge design, construction, while tear open change, due to temporary changes very casual, lack of overall consideration, some hospitals in the completion of the hospital to go to decorate adjust department, the department of health function and treatment process is extremely convenient, it is hard to use, 2 it is to cannot be modified, three is the related department can't through the medical and health related departments inspection acceptance, causing hospital intangible waste of time and money, also affects the overall health care and business activities of the hospital.

The medical process design of hospital is a very systematic, complex and specific work.

First of all, the designer should be very familiar with the overall management system of the hospital, and comprehensively consider the structure, steps and relations between the functional units of the overall medical activities of the hospital.

Secondly, it is necessary to understand and be familiar with the development direction of the trend of hospital medical service. Especially, Chinese hospitals are now in a period of great changes. Only by understanding the trend of service, can medical technology that is more in line with the development direction of the hospital be designed.

The third is to have a sense of innovation, inheritance, innovation, together with new materials and new technology, will make a breakthrough in the field of hospital construction.

Now, the routine of hospital builders is to visit other famous hospitals or newly built hospitals. Of course, this kind of learning is necessary, but it is not possible to design an ideal hospital by superimposing all the so-called good parts of the hospitals visited.

Shanghai medical artisan attaches great importance to the medical treatment process design, mid in the prophase of planning and design stage, from before the plane function and space layout, consider the whole process is suitable for hospital, it is very important, because the design of the medical process, related to the effects of late hospital project overall operating, also related to the hospital profits. Therefore, the choice of a suitable, professional hospital design company is very necessary.

Medical technological process design is the basis for the establishment of medical institutions, which directly affects all subsequent work. Therefore, it is better to find a professional company. A reasonable technological process design will greatly improve the operation efficiency of the hospital, not only providing a good working environment for medical staff, but also eliminating patients' irritability.

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