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Architectural dynamic display

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

Architectural animation refers to the animated films produced to represent architecture and its related activities. It usually USES computer software to express the designer's intention and let the audience experience the space feeling of the building. Architectural animation based on general architectural design drawings on professional computer create virtual architecture environment, geographical location, appearance, the building interior, landscape, infrastructure, people, animals and natural phenomena as wind, rain, thunder, sunrise and sunset, rain or shine, the month lacks and so on are dynamically consist in building environment, can be viewed in any Angle.

Architectural animation is widely used to express the style and characteristics of real estate buildings. Meanwhile, it is also applied to the advantages of animation to conduct all-round publicity before the development of hospitals. In the past, the project was not completed and could not be shot in real time. Now, using computer virtual digital technology, the animation of hospital building well expresses the demands of developers. As an important means of architectural display, architectural animation is widely used in the process of architectural expression, virtual reality and film scene production. It breaks through the planar layout of effect drawings and is used to express the characteristics of hospital building planning.

Advantages Of Hospital Architecture Animation:

1. The most intuitive way to communicate. Traditional rendering performance means such as easily misled by artificial modification and users, and make building a 3 d animation, the hospital can through experience, evaluate advantages and disadvantages of each scheme in order to make the best decision making, not only can avoid the decision error, and can greatly improve the potential market value of the property, thus improve the land resources utilization efficiency and success rate of project development, protection of investment.

2. The fastest approval. The 3d animation design of the platform provides an intuitive examination and approval platform, so that the approver can feel the landscape after the completion of the project in an immersive manner. The enhancement of communication brings the speed of project approval, thus gaining valuable time for the project to start.

3. The most convenient design tool. 3d animation is not only a presentation medium, but also a design tool. It in a visual form to reflect the design ideas, such as before under construction in hospital, the first thing you need to do is the structure of the hospital to do meticulous design, shape, in order to make quantitative, you also need to design many drawings, read, of course, these drawings can only professional 3 d animation technology can turn this idea into visible virtual objects and the environment, promote once only with the aid of the design of the traditional sand table model to digital that perfection is what you get, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of the design and planning.

The production of architectural animation is based on the design drawing. As a professional hospital design company, medical craftsman will make animation according to the drawing after the completion of the design scheme, which will help the hospital project investors to obtain the support from the government through the application of relevant departments and accelerate the construction progress of the hospital.

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