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Planning And Design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

Hospital architectural planning and design, including the hospital project design, preliminary design and construction drawing design. Hospital planning as a whole have great decisive role to the success of the project construction, among them, especially to the planning scheme is designed for top priority: the design can be called macro design, real estate projects will be decided the external, internal function and layout of land use efficiency, interior space utilization efficiency, the price of the project potential, the reasonable use a line layout of interior space, etc.

Basic Steps Of Hospital Planning And Design:

1. the structure of the analysis of hospital and area distribution, to determine the functional areas: the architect should grasp the local natural weather conditions (such as sunlight, wind, temperature, etc.), the relationship of landform, around roads and infrastructure, the most important thing is combined with the various parts of the hospital construction project specific content requirements and different content of their own characteristics determine the hospital content and functional partition area allocation, determine the building (group) the relationship between each other, and the relationship between the relative position and the subordinate or service, planning and design of the basic layout of the building (group) function. In the functional zoning design, it is also necessary to solve the requirements of good news partition, decontamination partition, medical area and office logistics to be separated and independent from each other.
2. make the whole land, forward recent development phase of the plan: consider the construction of the actuality, based on the principle of sustainable development, especially general hospital reform development the larger hospitals, in the capital turnover, or currently under normal operation requirements and conditions restriction, usually adopt the method of one-time planning, installment construction. Architects should make practical and feasible plans for the construction in the near future according to the actual capacity of the hospital, decide the buildings to be temporarily preserved and prepared for demolition in the hospital, and make a phased plan to realize the long-term development goals according to the development prospect of the hospital.
3. Design reasonable external traffic flow: the traffic organization of the hospital building is the most complex, and the internal traffic organization is usually involved in the design of a single building, while the external traffic flow should be fully considered in the overall planning and design. Basic streamline is stream of people (cent is outpatient, be in hospital patient and family member, medical staff) car flow (especially outside come car and interior car basically are ambulance), content shedding (include supply streamline, dirt streamline, corpse to carry a line to wait), the requirement is done each other independence does not have cross interference. In addition, external traffic should consider the ways in which groups of buildings are connected to each other. These routes include the connection between planned new buildings and the connection between new buildings and planned and preserved buildings.
4. Factors of medical equipment and facilities should be taken into consideration in the overall planning and design: the main development of modern hospitals is the unprecedented development of medical equipment and facilities technology, so its requirements for hospital construction are increasingly strict. With the development of air conditioning ventilation equipment technology, the internal space of the hospital building is no longer completely dependent on natural ventilation and lighting. The building has a large volume (depth) and a large number of rooms, so the whole building will be under the control of full air conditioning. Medical equipment and facilities shall occupy an area and height commensurate with the scale, covering various specialties such as air conditioning and ventilation, laminar flow purification and electrical system. Due to the modernization of medical equipment technology, makes the design of the modern hospitals cannot like other buildings or former hospital, should start with a general similar space, equipment can be put into it, and should be at the beginning of the design will act according to actual circumstances, medical facilities need to floor, spacing and technological process are shown in the design. Through the above several steps of design and deliberation, comprehensive advantages and disadvantages of all aspects, can finally determine a more comprehensive and fair overall plan.

It can be seen that medical planning and design should take into account a variety of factors, which should not only be forward-looking and meet the requirements of long-term development of the hospital, but also meet the needs of various medical functions. In general, hospital planning and design is complex and professional, which must be handed over to professional companies with hospital design qualifications.

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