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Architectural Design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

Hospital architectural design refers to that before the construction of the hospital, the project designer according to the construction task, the construction process and the use of the process of the existence or possible problems, prior to the overall plan, draw up a good solution to these problems, the plan, with drawings and documents expressed. As a common basis for material preparation, construction organization and mutual cooperation among various types of work in the production and construction work. So that the whole project can be within the predetermined investment limits, in accordance with the carefully considered predetermined program, uniform pace, smooth progress. And make the completed buildings fully meet the users and society's expectations of various requirements and USES.

Architectural Design Mainly Includes The Following Two Aspects:

1. Combined design of architectural space environment -- mainly through the limitation, shaping and combination of architectural space to comprehensively solve the problems of function, technology, economy and aesthetics of buildings. Mainly through the following design to complete :(1) the general design of the building; (2) architectural graphic design; (3) architectural profile design; (4) architectural modeling and facade design.
2. Structural design of architectural space environment -- it is mainly about the structural components of buildings. To determine its material and structure, to solve the function of the building, technology, economy and aesthetic problems. Mainly including the foundation, wall, floor, stairs, roof, doors and Windows and other components of the detailed structural design. It is also the continuation and deepening of architectural spatial environment combination design.

In a word, architectural design is a kind of creative activity that, under the guidance of certain ideas and methods, applies scientific and technical knowledge and aesthetic laws according to various conditions, and correctly handles the mutual relations among various requirements through analysis, synthesis and creation, so as to provide schemes and construction blueprints for creating a good spatial environment. In the whole project design plays a leading and leading role.

The Architectural Design Of The Hospital Should Adhere To The Following Principles:

1. The design of the assembled integral building shall meet the requirements of the current national standards and codes for various types of building design and the requirements of relevant standards and codes for fire prevention, water proofing, energy saving, sound insulation, earthquake resistance and safety prevention, and meet the applicable, economical and beautiful design principles. Meanwhile, it should meet the requirements of building industrialization and green building.
2. The design of assembly integrated building should be standardized and serialized in terms of basic units, connection structures, components, accessories and equipment pipelines, and adopt the principle of fewer specifications and more combinations to combine diversified architectural forms.
3. The specifications and types of all kinds of prefabricated parts, interior decoration system and equipment pipeline system selected for the assembly of integrated architectural design should meet the requirements of construction standards and construction functions, and adapt to the flexibility and variability of the main functional space of the building.
4. For the assembly integral building with seismic design requirements, its building shape, plane layout and structure shall conform to the principles of seismic design.
5. Integrated design of civil construction, decoration and equipment shall be adopted for the assembly type building. At the same time, the construction organization plan of interior decoration and equipment installation is effectively combined with the construction plan of main structure to achieve synchronous design and synchronous construction, so as to shorten the construction period.
6. The construction drawings and design documents of the assembled integral building shall be complete, and the processing drawings of prefabricated components shall fully and accurately reflect the specifications, types, processing dimensions and connection forms of prefabricated components.

Hospital architectural design directly guides construction, which is the most critical part of hospital design. Ordinary design companies do not know about medical treatment, so they cannot carry out architectural design at all, and can only give it to professional medical design companies. In the later stage of construction, the architectural design party and the construction party need to fully communicate, so as to reduce the error.

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