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Architectural electromechanical design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

Architectural electromechanical design is an important part of architectural engineering, including water supply and drainage system, power supply system, air conditioning and ventilation system, weak current system, fire protection system and intelligent system. The quality of electromechanical engineering directly affects the overall quality of construction projects, including operation effect, energy saving and whether the building is practical when it is put into use.

Combined with the relevant standards of electromechanical design of hospital buildings, this paper summarizes the practical problems in electromechanical design, construction and operation in recent years. After many studies, we find that the following points should be paid attention to.

First, optimize the design. The quality of hospital architectural design can directly affect the success or failure of the project investment. Strict and effective control of the whole process of electromechanical design of hospital buildings is the key factor to reduce engineering cost, accelerate engineering progress and improve engineering quality.

Reasonable selection of design criteria. The standards of hospital electromechanical design are mainly reflected in equipment selection, construction and decoration standards, road standards and other related process systems, which are the main basis of hospital architectural design and the core of engineering cost. The selection of these standards directly determines the overall cost level of hospital building electromechanical design. In the design, under the premise of ensuring the safety and stability of the hospital, the advanced and reasonable design should be guaranteed according to the relevant regulations in combination with the local actual situation and the requirements of the investors.

Electrical design optimization. Electrical design is an important part of the electromechanical design of hospital buildings. The main optimization points include the optimization of electrical main wiring design, the optimization of collector circuit path and form design. Selection and optimization of main electrical equipment; Electrical equipment layout optimization, etc. The optimization of these aspects can not only improve the performance of hospital electrical equipment, but also reduce the construction cost.

With the continuous expansion of the application of intelligent systems in hospitals, more and more hospitals begin to pay attention to this area. Intelligent design should be combined with the actual situation of the hospital to carry out a reasonable and scientific systematic design, laying a foundation for the later operation of the hospital.

Specific Architectural Electromechanical Design Should Pay Attention To The Following Points:

1. Reasonable design. The trend of hydropower road should be reasonable, safe and practical with protective measures.
2. Qualified materials. The material such as water and electricity if regular brand product.
3. The construction should be standardized. All wires must be piped, elbows must be used at junctions, and ground wires must be disposed of as required.
4. Strict acceptance. Each water and electricity construction technology should be in place, in line with the construction specifications.

The above is the main content of architectural electromechanical design. Its design and specific construction must be operated by professional companies. Otherwise, unqualified electromechanical design will fail to pass the later acceptance, affecting the use of various functions of the hospital and delaying the construction process of the hospital.

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