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Landscape Design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

With the improvement of living standards, people have a new request for the hospital environment, hospital treatment is no longer a simple base, gradually evolved into healing and rehabilitation in an integrated production, hospital landscape exists not only in order to beautify the environment, it is more important for patients with an auxiliary recuperate role, to help sick people to recover as soon as possible.

Principles Of Hospital Landscape Greening Design:

1. The design of the hospital should consider its special users, mainly plant landscaping, to create a quiet and elegant garden environment, the width and slope of the footpath fully reflect the human nature, along the way to consider the traction device, for patients to use a wheelchair, push bed and stent.
2. Visual pleasure principle: the smooth and low plant color belt regulates emotions and uplifts spirits. Therefore, the plant morphology, texture, seasonal changes and color diversification are relatively important. Planar afforest and stereo afforest photograph union, do one's best achieves plant discretion strewn at random, density has send, 4 seasons have scene, 3 seasons have a flower, concise and easy, do not fall into a pattern.
3. The principle of space diversity provides different types of space, different activity places and different private densities, which not only provide group activity places, but also allow people to be alone.

Principles Of Plant Allocation In Hospital Greening Design:

1. the configuration of plants to have seasonal patients can feel natural changes; A good mood cures a disease. The rational plant configuration reflects the "beauty of time and scenery", so as to create a pleasant and comfortable landscape for the whole hospital, with clear priorities and orderly distribution, scientific collocation of trees, shrubs and flowers, and the creation of "spring flowers, summer shade, autumn fruits and Holly" four seasons landscape. Greening tree species to grow robust, less pests and diseases, easy to maintain varieties, according to the configuration of the density of conscious formation of open and closed space contrast. Make the patient can feel the change of nature, the rhythm feeling of seasonal alternation is appropriate and intense, make the patient is more excited on spirit, mood, make the garden afforest function of the hospital gets in patient psychology and physiology meaning carry out.
2. plant diversity is the characteristics of the hospital is a place for medical treatment, in such a place, the planting of plants as diverse as possible, to achieve biological diversity of the environment, the allocation of year-round color sense of plants, just at this time of the background to emphasize the flowers, fruits, leaves color, shape and size; Aromatic plants provide a pleasant and interesting environment for the rehabilitation of patients.
3. plant configuration has a certain characteristics of the hospital plant selection in addition to the general principle of suitable location suitable tree, but also consider the special environmental requirements of the hospital, reflect the characteristics of the hospital. Hospital is a public space, the most likely safety problem is cross infection, so for the hospital configuration plant species, should be with some of the germicidal plants: such as camphor, rutaceae, pinaceae, cupidaceae, etc.; Planar afforest and stereo afforest photograph union, do one's best achieves plant discretion strewn at random, density has send.

Hospital Green Space Layout:

According to the characteristics of the hospital layout of the hospital greening should be based on the size of the hospital, the environment and the layout of the style of reasonable layout, so that the space is put in and out, there are bright and dark, strong contrast. The setting of steps, ramps and landscape pavilions is beneficial to patients' fitness and recuperation. The setting of tree burrow, tree array, irregular shrub, art sculpture, configuration low plant design, aggrandizement afforest is decorated, in order to achieve better visual Angle effect, provide a place that relaxes the mood to the people that works in the hospital, life.

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