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Directed sign design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

Hospital logo is a symbol of civilization, refers to the instructions of medical public places, this place includes the entrance of the hospital, hall, corridor, room, outdoor, parking lot, building and so on. Without a complete sign and signage system, the hospital's map system and road sign system are not perfect, and it will take a lot of time to find a target address. Hospital is a very special environment, a set of perfect sign system will make people feel convenient and natural in use.

The Role Of Hospital Oriented Signs:

In the hospital management system through the change of recent years has been gradually perfect, the service quality of hospital are also constantly update perfect, hospital guide sign system is one of the important link, along with the people in the hospital also constantly improve the level of service requirements, the hospital as a medical institution, is also a commercial economy, the patient is the customers in the economic subject, at the same time enjoy the medical hospital service, perfect guide sign system can make patients in hospital and fast find relevant procedures of the department, save precious time for patients.

Hospital oriented sign design is a part of hospital management system. A clear and concise guide logo can better improve the working efficiency of the hospital, reduce the workload of staff, each patient related formalities can be covered by the hospital's guide to identify itself to complete the whole process of medical treatment, thus brings between hospitals and patients are great convenience and convenience, reduce the contradiction and the dispute.

The Hospital Oriented Identification System Generally Has The Following Characteristics:

1. Conciseness: clear at a glance, complete and easy to understand information, accurate orientation and obvious position.
2. Continuity: before arriving at the indicated target, all the places that may cause deviation of walking route should be guided by the target.
3, regularity: the sign system has regularity, the layout of the sign can be from big to small, from the outside to the inside, from far to near, more or less.
4, unity: the same type of guidance logo should be in its color, font, specifications, location, form of expression for unified planning. Such a logo setting will help the audience to follow the clues to find the target system.
5. Visibility: the color of text and background should have obvious contrast, and the text modeling with strong visual impact can be selected. In addition, it should be noted that in the design of barrier-free access signs, signs designed to meet the relevant national industry standards.

Hospital Oriented Sign System Usually Includes Outdoor Oriented Sign And Indoor Oriented Sign:

Outdoor guidance signs:
1. Signs of outpatient department, inpatient department and emergency department;
2. Signs on the general layout of the hospital building;
3. Floor-type triage signboard;
4. Outdoor traffic guide board;
5, into the ceiling with publicity column;

Indoor guiding signs:
1. Floor plans;
2. General index of the distribution of departments on each floor;
3, hospital specialist, expert points shao card;
4. Dynamic list of specialist and expert visits;
5. Hospital introduction label;
6. Publicity board for various purposes;
7. Floor number plate and elevator plate;
8. Channel shunt tag and mode light box;
9. Department name card;
10. Public safety sign;
11, warm public welfare logo;
12. Functional identification plates of various logistics departments;
13. Ward CARDS, etc.
14. Fire evacuation plan sign.

Hospital signage design is very important in hospital design, but it is not a widespread use of signs, we should combine the hospital management mode and the actual situation to set up signs, hospital signs to have a certain targeted, purposeful control of the use, reflect the true meaning of the sign.

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