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Interior decoration design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

Interior decoration design is based on the use of indoor nature, environment and the corresponding standards, the use of material means and architectural aesthetic principles, to create a reasonable, comfortable, beautiful people can meet the material and spiritual needs of the indoor environment. Pass a design this one method, make interior space has use value not only, can satisfy corresponding function requirement, also want to express a kind of culture through the design at the same time, the spirit such as atmosphere element.

Interior decoration design generally refers to any related items that can be actually built indoors, including: walls, Windows, curtains, doors, surface treatment, materials, lighting, air conditioning, water and electricity, environmental control systems, audio-visual equipment, etc.

Interior Decoration Design, The First To Pay Attention To The Following Factors:

1. Penetrate the concept of humanistic care
The hospital interior decoration design is more scientific, the function area distribution is more reasonable, organizes the vehicle flow, the stream of people, the logistics effectively, reduces the patient and the family member's time consumption as far as possible, also may reduce its mental pressure. Secondly, make full use of the local natural environment and relevant conditions to create a treatment and recuperation diagnosis and treatment environment for patients. Meanwhile, make great efforts in indoor hardware facilities to make patients feel the warmth of home in the hospitalization environment.

2. Create a sound environment
Indoor noise has a significant negative impact on people's mood. Therefore, noise control is a problem that needs to be considered in the design of hospital interior decoration. Adjust the layout and medical streamline, avoid the rush-hour crowd concentration in a hospital in the atrium and the main channel, the crowd quickly, with sound-absorbing, sound insulation materials and appropriate use of flexible material, in the ward nurse station equipped with and using the silent call system, in addition, indoor or some green plants or flowers and plants collocation, can effectively reduce noise.

3. Create a comfortable light environment
Because use function is different, the requirement to light environment of each department of the hospital is different also. The light environment centered on the patient's life should be reassuring, highly emotional and convenient. The light environment centering on the work of medical staff should be efficient, safe and simple.
Hospital interior decoration design needs to provide light environment according to the area. Take the ward as an example, medical staff mainly focus on the bed area and equipment area, so it is necessary to provide accurate and efficient light environment for these two areas, while bedridden patients should refuse monotonous and anti-glare light.
It should be noted that when natural light is introduced into the hospital room, excessive light should be avoided to negatively affect the treatment and recovery of bedridden patients. Therefore, when planning the light environment of wards, it must be considered to avoid direct sunlight on bedridden patients.

4. Adapt to the psychological needs of patients
The service object of the hospital is the patient, so the interior decoration design of the hospital in the premise of satisfying the medical function, should consider the patient's feeling, try to provide a warm and comfortable, natural and harmonious environment for the patient, can let the patient get spiritual and psychological comfort, help the patient recover as soon as possible.

The place such as the hospital has particularity, when doing interior decoration design, must understand the patient's psychology, at the same time to combine the principles of modern architecture, scientific design and planning, make the environment for medical treatment more humane.

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