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Soft Interior Design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

Hospital space soft outfit design refers to the interior space of all removable and replaceable element, such as furniture, lamp act the role ofing, curtain, carpet, hang a picture, flower art, jewelry, green plant, etc., make the hospital whole space become more warm, harmonious and friendly, in addition, the hospital indoor soft installed timing, on the basis of optimization of function layout, also can effectively improve the image of the hospital and the grade.

Soft decoration design can give indoor space vitality and spirit, can make the hospital space environment more artistic and humane, and soft decoration design should grasp the color, furniture and other four elements of the application, help to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the audience.

In real time, soft decoration design and hard decoration design have an inseparable role, soft decoration design should be adjusted according to the hard decoration design style, to reflect the overall unity, the appropriate harmonious soft decoration design will be a bonus for the hospital.

Soft Decoration Design Is Basically Required In The Following Situations:

1.hospital design is completed, according to the size of interior space, the target consumer groups, and so on and so forth, the lamps and lanterns, flower art, hang a picture, such as accessories for combination, so that the space environment is more relevant to modern people's psychological and physiological demand of the senses, it not only can increase the functional connotation and usability extension of ornaments, also enhanced the practicability of the space.
2.the hospital space has been decorated for many years, the layout of the space do not want to change, but in order to change or promote the hospital, can be replaced by furniture, curtains, carpets, paintings, flowers and other soft decoration to make the space take on a new look.
3. The hard decoration of the hospital is intact, but the soft decoration such as furniture and paintings is old or broken. The new image of the hospital can be created by replacing the soft decoration (medical furniture, decorative paintings, lighting, floral works, plants, etc.) and the guide. When placing furniture, want to do reasonable arrangement according to the size of interior space, configuration. Hospital hall, waiting room, corridor lamp, can put furniture appropriately, and adornment or greenery can be placed on horn ark, let a space be full of vigor more.
4. Use of space colors
Color can affect people's psychological and physiological reactions, and even affect people's objective understanding of things and views, it can be said that color is the essence and soul of hospital soft outfit design. Handling good color relation is the key place that builds dimensional atmosphere. Accordingly, go up in the choice of hospital indoor color, the most important is stable feeling, safe sense, avoid excitant color piece to appear as far as possible, bright spend heavy gray to do not want large area to use, can affect indoor illume so.

Medical soft equipment timing, not only to pay attention to functional, but also with the hospital space environment coordination, in line with the aesthetic requirements of doctors and patients, strive to achieve aesthetic and harmonious unity, in order to meet the physiological and psychological needs of the public.

Soft installed timing, hospital should be planning out in line with the layout of the function of the hospital, and then determine the adornment style of space, and then according to the need of furniture and adorn article put, to determine the construction plan, hard outfit to satisfy the function of hard outfit, to lay a good foundation of display effect soft outfit, to create a safe for patient warm, comfortable and clean, pure and fresh and natural environment of diagnosis and treatment.

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