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Building Equipment Configuration

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

The basic requirements of building equipment configuration are: complete control, management, maintenance and communication facilities, convenient for environmental control, safety management, monitoring and alarm, and conducive to improve work efficiency, stimulate people's creativity. In short, the basic requirements of building equipment configuration are: office equipment automation, intelligence, communication system high performance, building flexibility, building management service automation.

Features Of Building Equipment Configuration:

1. Good ability to receive and respond to information and improve work efficiency.
2. Improve the safety, comfort and efficiency of buildings.
3, with good energy saving effect. The effective control of air conditioning, lighting and other equipment not only provides a comfortable environment, but also has significant energy saving effect (generally up to 15 ~ 20%).
4. Save equipment operation and maintenance costs. On the one hand, the system can operate normally and play its role to reduce the maintenance cost of the electromechanical system; on the other hand, due to the high integration of the system, the operation and management are also highly centralized and the personnel arrangement is more reasonable, so as to minimize the labor cost.
5. To meet patients' needs for the hospital environment, the application of high and new technologies can greatly improve work efficiency.

Advantages Of Building Equipment Configuration:

Comfort: people living and working in intelligent buildings (including public areas) are comfortable both psychologically and physically. Therefore, air conditioning, lighting, noise, greening, natural light and other environmental conditions should be in a better or optimal state.

Efficiency: improve the working efficiency of hospital in medical treatment, communication and service, save manpower, time, space, resources, energy consumption and cost, as well as the efficiency of the use and management of the equipment system belonging to the building.

Adaptability: it is highly adaptable to the changes of medical process, medical methods and procedures as well as the update of equipment. When the network functions are changed and updated, it will not hinder the use of the original system.

Convenience: in addition to centralized management and easy maintenance, it should also have efficient information service function.

Security: in addition to ensuring the safety of life, property and buildings, the security of information should also be considered to prevent information leakage and interference in the information network, especially to prevent the destruction and tampering of information data and prevent the invasion of hackers.

Reliability: the selected equipment has mature hardware and software technology, runs well, is easy to maintain, and can be repaired in case of failure.

The intellectualization of building equipment configuration is the inevitable product of medical science and technology era and the organic combination of information technology and modern architecture. In the future building development, the traditional building model will be replaced by intelligent building equipment configuration, which is also the inevitability of social development.

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