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Intelligent Device Configuration

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

With the gradual entry of intelligent technology into hospital buildings, it not only changes the traditional management mode and medical habits of hospitals, but also affects the architectural design of hospitals. The realization of hospital intelligent equipment configuration must be combined with building technology, and the hospital building needs to provide a good platform for the intelligent system. Medical intelligent equipment configuration is an important link in hospital equipment management.

The Configuration Of Intelligent Equipment In Hospitals Shall Follow The Following Principles:

1. advanced: structured integrated wiring technology, computer network technology and database software and Internet technology is the fastest development of today's high-tech fields, new technologies are emerging, new products are also constantly launched. In order to ensure that the intelligent system of hospital building has a long life cycle and protect its investment in various systems, the technology and products with the leading level in the same industry at home and in line with the international development trend should be selected. At the same time pay attention to avoid the current immature or lack of uniform standards and specifications of technology and products. In the overall design should be in place at one step, to ensure that the overall level of intelligence within 10 to 20 years is not backward. When the pipeline is in place, the intelligent system can be implemented according to the technological development and financial status to improve the application level of the technology.
2. Maturity: the design of the hospital shall adopt mature and practical technical equipment to meet the current and future business development needs of the hospital building to the maximum extent and ensure its durability and practicality.
3. Openness: the overall structure of the design of intelligent equipment configuration in the hospital building is based on the construction of information network, on which the subsystems are derived and developed. As the base of intelligent system construction of hospital building, structured general cabling is an open system, which provides an open space for future application and development.
4. Standardization: the configuration and implementation of smart devices will be carried out in accordance with relevant national and local standards. The selected systems, devices, products and software conform to industrial standards or the current mainstream mode. So that the system and future new equipment interconnection and operability, and can be easily integrated into the global information network.
5. Scalability: the intelligent equipment configuration requirements of the hospital building are not only reflected in its scale, but also in its service content. In the future, the expanded computer and other systems should not only meet the needs of business processing within 10 years, but also have good scalability and upgradability, so as to expand the network scale in time.
6. Practicability: the configuration and implementation of the intelligent equipment in the hospital building must meet the actual needs of the project and the rationality of the investment, and never one-sided pursuit of the advancement and advancement of the system to prevent the waste of investment. From the viewpoint of the overall project, carefully research the project service function and service object, comprehensive function analysis and investment analysis, to develop a reasonable investment scheme not only cause the waste of investment, always implement the application oriented, pragmatic principle, tightly around the function of the building characteristics and actual needs, starting from the practical, economic and security, in order to meet the modern medical use function, maximum limit satisfy the building now and the future development of business and needs, to ensure durable and practical. In addition, the system has a good man-machine interface to facilitate the actual operation and use.

The intelligent equipment configuration of the hospital has changed the traditional operation mode of the hospital, but the application of intelligent must be combined with the actual situation of the hospital, to design and configure the intelligent system suitable for the hospital, reduce investment mistakes, improve the medical level of the hospital, improve the medical service function.

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