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Medical Device Configuration

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

Medical equipment configuration is the top priority in hospital design. Reasonable medical equipment configuration will not only save a large amount of cost for hospital construction, but also improve the medical use function of the hospital, laying a solid foundation for the normal operation and development of the hospital in the later stage.

Under The Premise Of Adhering To The Relevant Provisions Of Hospital Equipment Configuration, The Following Major Relationships Should Be Handled Well:

1. Relationship between actual needs and insufficient funds: with the continuous development of medical technology, the demand for instruments and equipment that hospitals rely on for survival increases, with more types and grades. However, limited to the economic foundation and overall development of the hospital, the contradiction between insufficient funds and insufficient equipment is widespread. In this regard, on the one hand, we should do our best to manage, use and repair the existing medical equipment, improve its utilization rate, repair rate and repair rate, increase revenue and save expenditure, and use it for the self-development of equipment. On the other hand, funds should be raised from many aspects and channels to acquire common and urgent equipment to ensure clinical needs.
2. Relationship between comprehensive construction and key investment: comprehensive construction is the overall requirement of hospital development and the basis and premise of key investment. Key input is focused on key points, prominent characteristics, forming advantages, is to improve the competitiveness of the inevitable trend. It is necessary to make full use of the existing financial and technical resources of the hospital, select the right direction of development, strengthen the construction of key disciplines, support characteristic technologies and advantageous projects, give equipment preference, promote its characteristics, reputation and benefits, and drive the overall development level of the hospital.
3. Relationship between conventional equipment and sophisticated equipment: conventional equipment is the basis to ensure the smooth operation of the normal work of the hospital, which is characterized by frequent and extensive use and popularization. High-precision equipment represents the economic strength and technical level of the hospital, which is of great importance to improve the awareness and competitiveness of the hospital. However, in view of the existing conditions of the hospital, the principle of the configuration of the two types of equipment should be: first, conventional equipment followed by sophisticated equipment; Diagnostic equipment before treatment equipment; First single and common equipment, after the large multi - functional equipment. Its configuration proportion, should set out from hospital actual, base oneself on now, bear in mind future, be decided integratedly.
4. Relationship between local demand and repeated purchase: some equipment, such as ecg machine, ventilator and b-ultrasonic machine, is indeed necessary for most clinical departments, and the tendency of "small but complete" is also common in all departments. But regarding some section local character, the biding patient is limited, the equipment utilization rate is not high. If the distribution, all meet, will inevitably lead to repeated introduction of equipment, resource waste, low efficiency. For this, want to bear in mind from hospital overall situation, plan as a whole, act according to one's ability, reasonable deploy. In order to meet the requirements of different departments for the use of different equipment, the use of special management, centralized use and other forms, to strengthen the organization and coordination, not only to improve the management level of common equipment, but also to enhance the overall efficiency and efficiency of common equipment, to ensure the use of the needs of the department.
5. Relationship between medical equipment and auxiliary medical equipment: in order to ensure the smooth operation of medical work and make the equipment configuration adapt to the scale, function and task of the hospital, consistent with the equipment standard of the level and the allocation of regional health resources, the construction of medical equipment and auxiliary medical equipment should be strengthened. Auxiliary diagnostic equipment directly or indirectly restricts and affects the quality, level and effect of medicine, teaching and research. Including central oxygen supply, central suction system, disinfection and sterilization facilities, air purification and regulation system, measuring and monitoring equipment, maintenance and teaching equipment.

Anyway, hospital equipment configuration is a systematic project, only deal with the relationship between the various subsystems, and adjust the location of each work, their priorities right, in order to improve the level of equipment management, expand the management efficiency, promoting coordinated development of hospital equipment construction, to realize the rationality of the equipment configuration, the correctness of the money, the reliability of product quality, advanced technical indicators, incremental economic benefits.

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