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Medical Review/Medical Examination

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

The completion and acceptance of the hospital is an important link to assess the construction results, check whether the project construction meets the design requirements and project quality. It is an important step for a hospital to register and start business. The building that achieves concerned hospital to build a standard to be able to obtain the qualification of management only, if project check and accept is not defeated, need to undertake rebuilding, until satisfy relevant standard. So what are the main aspects of hospital acceptance? Let's explore this in more detail.

Content Of Hospital Acceptance:

1. National security acceptance. Weak current system, information network system, technical prevention and control equipment and office automation system belong to the scope of national security inspection and acceptance. Acceptance notice will be issued.
2. Acceptance of lightning protection device. Acceptance shall be conducted by the local meteorological bureau in accordance with the provisions on design review and completion acceptance of lightning protection devices: grounding devices, pressure sharing rings, grounding resistors and surge protectors. The most likely problem is surge protector, manufacturers generally focus on electrical equipment components when assembling distribution boxes, so surge protector is worth paying attention to. It should be noted that in the construction of the project in the review of the drawings should be submitted to the weather bureau for the lightning protection device design design approved opinions, the link in the design, construction phase is most likely to be ignored.
3. Acceptance of energy saving. By local construction bureau basis gb50411-2007 "code of acceptance of construction quality of building energy conservation project" organize acceptance. First organize the itemized acceptance, then compile the review report, and finally carry out on-site review.
4. Planning and acceptance. The local planning bureau shall organize the acceptance inspection according to article 45 of the urban and rural planning law of the People's Republic of China. The acceptance process is roughly divided into two steps. The first step is to entrust a company with survey qualification to measure the location, elevation, floor height, area, use function and other indicators of the building, and prepare the planned completion survey report. After the completion of the report, the planning bureau is invited to conduct on-site acceptance, and the acceptance criteria shall refer to the planning license and architectural drawings with the planning seal applied before the project starts construction.
5. Environmental protection acceptance. The local environmental protection bureau shall organize the acceptance inspection according to the "administrative measures on the acceptance inspection of environmental protection for the completion of construction projects". The acceptance process first entrusts a third party to prepare the environmental protection acceptance monitoring report, and then the site acceptance.
6. Fire control acceptance. The first stage entrusts a qualified third party to inspect the automatic fire protection facilities of the building, and the second stage is the on-site acceptance by local fire department professionals.
7. Acceptance of civil air defense. The acceptance of local civil air defense quality supervision station mainly includes checking whether the civil air defense project is constructed according to the examination drawing and whether the civil air defense equipment is installed in place. It should be noted that civil air defense engineering drawing design, review agencies, supervision companies, etc., all need to entrust units with civil air defense qualification.
8. Completion acceptance. An acceptance based on the completion of the previous 7 acceptance items. This acceptance is an important part of the overall assessment of hospital construction, the inspection of whether the design requirements are met, and the inspection of engineering quality. It is also a necessary condition for the official operation of the hospital.

Difficulties In Hospital Acceptance:

A lot of single acceptance is not a one-time can pass smoothly, also need to rectification according to the preliminary inspection of the reinspection. Fire acceptance is the longest period and the most difficult to pass in all single acceptance. Some projects fail to pass the fire control acceptance work within one or two years after completion, mainly because of the following three aspects: A. B. non-standard construction site; C. Plenty of materials for acceptance.

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