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VI Basic Design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

After the completion of the hospital, to enter the market stage, so must have their own prominent signs, distinguish themselves from competitors, VI basic design is particularly important, an excellent hospital VI design for the image of the hospital to add luster, can let the public can quickly remember the hospital logo, let the hospital image deep in the hearts of the people.

However, VI design is not easy, generally not approved, there are two reasons: on the one hand, the designer failed to design according to the basic design principles of VI; On the other hand, even if the designer has designed an excellent VI design, it is difficult to reach a consensus immediately due to the non-professional aesthetic awareness of the hospital, and the designer needs to give a persuasive explanation to the hospital according to the design principles of the logo. Therefore, the aesthetic level and standards of the hospital is also one of the factors affecting whether the VI design of the hospital is excellent. In order to have a good hospital logo, can help the hospital in the market, need to keep in mind the following principles, design a better hospital logo.

The Basic Design Principles Of VI For Medical Artisans Are As Follows:

1. Expressive principle
2. The principle of symbolic accuracy
3. The simplification principle of information transmission
4. Principle of semantic directness and generality
5. Design standard of logo appearance
6. Easy to understand
7. Easy to recognize
8. Have visual impact
9. Formal beauty (temperament)
10, logo design innovation and breakthrough

VI basic design is the soul of a hospital, and its design should not be ignored. The hospital and designers should strictly follow the design principles for careful deliberation, and constantly enrich, innovate and develop in practice, to design a good corporate logo consistent with the hospital's business philosophy, in order to achieve the long-term development of the enterprise.

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