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VI Application Design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

The complete VI design should include the basic part and the application part. The basic parts generally include: hospital name, logo, standard font, standard color, auxiliary graphics, standard printing font, forbidden rules, etc. The application part includes: the business supplies system design, the instruction signs system design, the clothing and the clothing system design, the advertisement propaganda class design (the advertisement media class), the environment system design gift system design, the transportation vehicle system design and so on. Through VI design, hospitals can determine the positioning of the hospital market, convey hospital culture, improve hospital loyalty and improve hospital morale. VI can establish an image for the development of the hospital. Through the integration of resources, the hospital information can be effectively conveyed to the audience, and the awareness of the audience can be continuously strengthened through the vision, so as to obtain the sense of identity.

The Concept Of VI Application Design:

1. Positioning should be accurate: today's society is a very rich era of material, to highlight their own hospital image is to find a good orientation, so as to improve the hospital brand image.
2. Appropriate style: VI application design should be determined in combination with the overall style and business philosophy of the hospital architectural design, so as to make the VI design adapt to the overall decoration design style of the hospital. In addition, the hospital is mainly for patients, but also need to think from the perspective of patients.
3. Visual preservation: if the VI system can not keep pace with The Times, eventually will be eliminated. VI system details adjustment, the general cycle in one to two years or so. For the application part of VI system, on the basis of keeping the main logo unchanged, the design form should constantly change to create a warm and sunny vitality for the medical environment.

VI application design: the significance of strengthening hospital VI design, is a reflection of a hospital culture connotation, internally to get staff's sense of identity and belonging, strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force, the hospital foreign can establish the whole image of the hospital, pushing hospital information to the public, exert a subtle influence on the psychological of hospital brand.

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