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SI Standards Manual

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

SI, simply speaking, is the brand image of medical institutions. Compared with the CI and VI design upsurge led by the brand strategy implemented by large medical institutions in China, SI is only a medical site image design and management system for medical institutions with the nature of franchise.

SI (Space Identity) : called Space identification, or Interior Identity indoor recognition, also can regard it as an extension of the VI, but the main purpose is the "three-dimensional Space", "packaging standardization" homework, Space recognition and the traditional decoration design one of the biggest differences is that it is the systematic design, rather than a fixed design, to adapt to the medical institutions chain development when each building Space size is differ.

Advantages Of SI Design:

1. Unified image. The spatial size of each location is different, and the overall Image can be unified through SI planning, which will not be differentiated due to different locations.
2. Create personalization. Through professional SI design, the unique space and image style of medical institutions can be shaped, which is not easy to be imitated by others.
3.Save money. The system design and construction can effectively reduce the construction cost by about 30%.
4. Shorten working hours. On average, construction time can be reduced by 40-50%, which in turn reduces the burden of rent and increases the number of business days.
5. conducive to rapid business. Medical institutions do not need to record the design, the construction unit can find almost all the construction conditions in the SI manual, can immediately start decoration.
6. Easy to manage. Without standardized design, the original appearance is often changed due to different personal standards. The planning of SI solves this problem. Unified conditions make management easier and quality control easier.
7. join the promotion. A complete SI plan can promote the willingness and consensus of medical alliance members.

Why Do I Choose To YiJiang Institution SI?

1. We have a strong SI professional design team, and an innovative design team knows more about medical SI;
2. We have been focusing on the design of medical SI as the foundation of the enterprise;
3. We have rich experience in SI system construction;

The terminal medical place carries all the brand information and is the most powerful brand display window. Traditional terminal image design only focuses on the image design of medical institutions, resulting in the overall brand image is not matching, visual chaos.

Medical craftsman deconstructs the brand image from the perspective of complete brand. Emphasis on integrated design, brand personality, brand temperament, brand recognition of the plane vision and the perfect integration of terminal vision, brand image remodeling, with professional depth of the design level, presenting a strong visual power and appeal of the medical terminal image system.

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