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Advertising Planning/Design

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

So-called hospital advertising planning design, it is according to the marketing plan and advertising target hospitals, on the basis of market research, develop a state and the market situation, the service, medical groups that meet the needs of economic and effective advertising planning scheme, and then by a professional team to advertising design, thus for the hospital's overall management provides a good advertising effect.

Principles Of Advertising Planning And Design:

1. Objectivity and authenticity
The information spread by the image advertisement of medical institutions must be objective and authentic, that is, to spread the information of the hospital in a practical and realistic way, without being mystifying and arbitrarily high.
2.Have a clear goal
The goals of a medical organization determine the goals of its image advertising. For example, in order to attract investment, the content of its image advertisement should be to publicize the operation and service, management level, medical strength and reputation of medical institutions.
3. The permanent sex
Advertising is a long-term complex system engineering, can not do shock type, centralized publicity, can not deliberately pursue timeliness, there should be a plan, phased implementation of publicity.

Significance Of Advertising Planning And Design:

(1) ensure the target of advertising activities through advertising planning and design. The plan of advertising activity is made according to the marketing strategy and brand management strategy of the hospital. The process of advertising planning using scientific research and analysis methods, in advance of the activities to make careful and meticulous arrangements, with a common orientation, to ensure the realization of advertising objectives.
(2) ensure the planning of advertising activities through advertising planning and design. Through scientific advertising planning, we can not only choose clear advertising objectives and appeal objects to prevent the blindness of advertising activities, but also choose effective advertising media to prevent or reduce the waste of advertising media resources. We can also reasonably allocate and use advertising funds. The design process and order of advertising activities are detailed and careful.
(3) ensure the creativity of advertising activities through advertising planning and design. The creativity of advertising activities is the key factor to promote the realization of advertising objectives. Through advertising planning, inspiration and creativity, give full play to the role of creative master to promote the advertising persuasion to the extreme.
(4) to ensure the continuity of advertising work through advertising planning and design. The fundamental goal of advertising is to promote the development of hospital business and build brand image. To achieve such a goal, only one or two advertising activities can not solve the problem, and must be through long-term unremitting efforts and accumulated over time, to show the effect of advertising.
(5) to achieve the best advertising effect through advertising planning. The investment of human and material resources in advertising activities is very large. Doing a good job in advertising planning helps to make the advertising activities more reasonable, reduce the waste of advertising, make the advertising design more reasonable, and also help to reduce the pollution of advertising.

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