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Advertising production

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

The hospital's advertising production refers to the link after careful planning and design, full communication and exchange with the relevant person in charge of the hospital, all aspects of the advertising creative design, which is carried out on the basis of advertising planning and design. Advertising production also includes print ads and media ads. Print ads include brochures, VI visual signs, department signs, outdoor ads, car body ads, etc. Media ads include video, animation and other dynamic production.

In advertising production, the design of the production of color is only a preconceived picture, can not be used as a printing of the finished product. The color manuscript can be used as the basis of the plate making process, proofing to proofread.

After The Review And Determination Of The Design Draft, The Final Draft Shall Be Made, And The Final Draft Shall Be Made As Follows:

1. First of all, determine the methods and steps of making the draft, so as not to waste time due to improper methods and fail to achieve the desired effect.
2. to maintain the design of the perfect place, modify and improve the less than ideal place.
3. the draft production to keep the picture clean, can not leave a stain, otherwise it will affect the good performance.
4. Requirements and effects such as size, color and network cable shall be noted after the completion of the draft. Design image, text, trademark and so on should be consistent with the color draft, according to the color label color, text, picture, size should be accurate.

Requirements For Advertising Production:

1. Serious and responsible working attitude: after making the version, the printing house should make samples for designers to proofread and adjust. This requires a meticulous work attitude, repeatedly proofread the content of the advertising picture color and standard color is accurate, whether there are wrong words, the foreign words to proofread more carefully.
2, professional and efficient professional skills: a competent designer should try to master more knowledge of printing, because design is the product of a high degree of combination of art and industrial technology, familiar with printing technology and technological process, can make your picture more beautiful, more delicate, but also to avoid some unnecessary losses

Strict management of exquisite craftsmanship: the improvement of artistic level and production level requires the concerted efforts and close cooperation of professional and technical personnel from all departments and all types of work. Any negligence in any link will lead to the failure of advertising effect. Therefore, the advertisement design and the manufacture are in the advertisement entire operation process contact very close two links. Good design without strict construction management and exquisite production technology is not to achieve the desired effect.

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