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Marketing Planning

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

In order to meet the needs of health demanders (patients and potential patients) and achieve the overall organizational goals of the hospital, the hospital makes plans, transfers medical technology and services from medical workers to health demanders, and carries out a series of necessary activities. That is to say, hospital marketing planning is the process and a series of necessary activities in which the hospital organizes all kinds of medical operation activities in a planned way based on medical consumption demand, so as to provide satisfactory medical technology and health services for health demanders and realize the overall goal of the hospital.

At Present, There Are Problems In Hospital Marketing:

1. Backward service concept
Modern marketing view holds that the starting point of hospital marketing is patients rather than hospitals. The focus is on the care that patients need, with the aim of profiting from patient satisfaction, not from increasing the number of patients. At present, most hospitals are still waiting for patients to come to them, focusing on the hospital rather than providing corresponding services from the perspective of patients. Medical staff have poor working attitude, lack of patience for patients, and no sense of service.
2. Convergence of services
Service convergence refers to the lack of segmentation of the service market and the provision of only one kind of service for all kinds of diseases and patient groups. With the constant change of consumer demand, the individual demand for medical services is also increasing. The limited service scope of hospitals greatly affects their attraction to patients.
3. Unsound marketing organization
The process of hospital marketization is also the process of enterprise, and for hospitals, the construction of a perfect marketing organization is of great help to the operation of enterprises. The lack of enterprise integrated marketing planning, quality management, crisis public relations and other departments within the hospital greatly limits the hospital's ability to carry out service marketing.
4. Insufficient publicity
In the eyes of common people, the image of the hospital has been associated with the concept of high fees, poor service attitude and more medical accidents. The hospital has not taken enough publicity measures to change the traditional concept of consumers, so that patients have a potential psychological resistance to the hospital. How to change the concept of consumers, do a good job in the hospital's own publicity is also a big problem facing the hospital.

Marketing Strategy:

1. Actively develop medical insurance, improve service quality, cultivate credibility and reduce the harm of false advertisements.
2. In the early stage of market cultivation, expand multi-channel marketing and advertising, so as to quickly establish popularity, establish a solid position and establish new consumption habits.
3. Target urban community residents, urban floating population and rural areas. (special preferential treatment for old employees)
4. The goals and demands are clear and clear, and the psychological habits of patients should be fully considered to avoid the psychological aversion of patients.

The importance of marketing planning: no marketing ideas or marketing ideas, random act, blind horse, which will inevitably bring serious consequences to the hospital. It can be seen that the weak marketing ideology will result in the "subversion" of the fate of hospitals. To attach importance to and develop market research, improve the development of hospital marketing ideas, marketing strategy research and real-time adjustment of strategy, will play a positive role in promoting the development of the hospital, is conducive to the upward development of the hospital.

In this challenging and competitive medical market environment, meeting the needs of patients has become the goal of medical marketing. People-oriented marketing planning is the core of marketing ideas, medical institutions should adapt to the characteristics of the market economy, actively participate in marketing, the largest space to expand the market, harvest benefits. At the same time, based on the particularity of the hospital, on the one hand, pay attention to the promotion activities, on the other hand, change the service attitude of the hospital service personnel. In public relations, establish a good doctor-patient relationship, harmonious business environment. Effectively develop hospital marketing to maximize patient demand, patient satisfaction and wealth creation.

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