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Personnel training/talent introduction

To solve the "five problems" in hospital construction, helphospital customers to complete hospital construction quickly.

Hospital human resources for effective development and improve the quality of employees, stimulate the staff's potential, improve the work performance, the construction of a high quality, high efficiency, high level of staff, the hospital regularly related training of hospital staff, make staff to be able to obtain knowledge and skills needed to hospital development, and common development of the hospital.

However, when the hospital invested a lot of time, energy and money, it was found that training was often a mere formality and did not effectively improve the quality of staff and the core competitiveness of the hospital as expected. This is mainly because our current training is still in the primary stage, most hospitals lack the correct value concept and strategic vision for training, and have not yet established a complete training management system.

Personnel Training Is A Strategic Work, To Do A Good Job In The Hospital Training, Let The Training Work To Show Results, The Key Is To Do The Following:

1. First of all, it is necessary to understand the strategic objectives of the hospital, understand the needs of the strategy for talents, analyze the main gaps of existing personnel, and then design targeted training programs.
2. Designed training courses according to the training plan of the hospital.
3. The training objects can be reasonably determined. The training objects can be divided into senior managers, middle managers, grass-roots managers and ordinary employees.
4. Select appropriate training methods.
5. Evaluate the training effect in time.

The staff training of the hospital must be carried out reasonably and should not be carried out for the purpose of training. The training of the hospital must conform to the strategic goal and future development direction of the hospital. Only in this way can the maximum effect of training be brought into play and the development of the hospital be promoted while the hospital staff make progress.

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