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EPC Construction

To highlight the core of the medical team and build the entire contract of the hospital

EPC general contracting project management mode is to show medical institutions or medical project investors will all entrusted to a company to complete the design and construction of engineering project management mode, it has the advantages such as hospital easier to manage. The connotation, characteristics and advantages of EPC project management model. The EPC general contracting project management mode refers to the owner will all entrusted to a company to complete the design and construction of engineering project management mode, including the choice of equipment and materials and procurement. Using this model, when the owner in the tender and the contract on the basis of price contract, choice of EPC general contractor, EPC general contractor is responsible for the total cost of the entire project, it can be designed or select a design company for technical design, and then to take the form of tender material select subcontractors and equipment suppliers, also can make full use of their own design and construction of ability to do most of the design and construction work.

This pattern features

EPC mode has the advantage that the owner only needs a tender, choose a EPC general contractor, do not need to design and construction bidding respectively, both to reduce the cost of the tender, and can greatly reduce the work of property management and coordination, and because the design and construction is a unit that can be conditional design and construction, engineering change will reduce many, short time limit for a project. And for the owners, the other advantage is that the risk is mainly borne by EPC contractors. The EPC model is now widely used for projects that are tight, technically complex, and do not want to increase coordination and other workloads. In addition,EPC general contracting project management mode conforms to the development trend of "small business owners, big supervision". The contractor can give full play to his technical and management advantages and pursue the maximum economic benefit; Owner in order to improve the efficiency of project management and reduce the engagement, is bound to the pursuit of the ultimate items and ask the time limit for a project has a greater degree of certainty, it is beneficial to make a reasonable and effective control of engineering cost the rational use of construction funds, improve the investment benefit, maintain the economic interests of all parties concerned.

The general EPC contractor is at the center of the project The owner's power will be more limited The owner is easy to manage the project

How to perfect EPC general contract project management mode?

Project general contracting is more difficult because the government management department, the industry department, and the owner are not fully aware of the general contracting of the project. In this case it is necessary to strengthen the publicity to promote engineering general contracting, one is the publicity to the society the characteristics, advantages and typical example of the general contractor, gradually get social recognition of the general contractor; Second, we will carry out EPC general contracting seminars and seminars at different levels with relevant departments and enterprise management associations to train the owners.
For the enterprise itself, shall organize structure, reforming for EPC management organization and management system, and learning the foreign experience, cultivate interdisciplinary talents can meet the needs of EPC management, actively carry out engineering general contracting project management of international communication and cooperation. We should pay attention to the training of the project manager to meet the needs of domestic and foreign engineering construction market. In addition, we should cultivate and produce a batch of engineering design, equipment procurement, HSE control and other talents with engineering practice experience. In addition, seven control systems should be established within the enterprise, which should standardize the operation of project management, improve the overall management level of the project, and form standardized management.
At present, China's construction market is chaotic, and project management is extremely irregular. "it is impossible to comply with laws, laws and regulations" is extremely common. To this end, we must implement the relevant national policies and policies, and establish and improve laws, regulations and systems for the management of various construction markets. Complete the class, supporting each other, avoid overlapping, omission and conflict. Government departments at the same time also to give full play to and by means of laws and regulations, training and development system of construction market in our country, to ensure that the construction project from the early stage of the plan, survey and design, project contracting, construction to completion, etc. All activities into the orbit of legal system. When the construction law is modified, the legal status of general contracting of the project will be clarified and relevant content will be added. It is an urgent task for us to promptly introduce the management measures for the general contracting of projects, and to regulate the market management of the general contracting of the project. Together with the relevant departments, we should study and formulate the management methods for bidding and tendering for the general contracting of the project, and actively cultivate the bidding market for the general contracting of projects; According to the conditions of FIDIC, it is necessary to formulate the general contract conditions for the socialist market economy.

In a word, the EPC project management model has some practical problems, but its prospect is very broad, and it is mainly concentrated in the fields of petrochemical, manufacturing, transportation and electric power industry. Engineering projects in these areas are designed to be dominated, invested in huge amounts of investment, technical sophistication, and difficult management. We must be clearly aware of the EPC project general contracting market will be a large scale and has a strong attractive market, EPC general contracting project management mode is the inevitable choice of China's construction industry to actively participate in international competition.

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