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Hospital Project Entrustment Management

The professional team can obtain the project benefit to realize the control objectives of the project.

Hospital project management, is the concept of the two is the same and difference, the former is a professional project name, refers to the overall project management and control, which are distinguished name of the project and is the meaning of integrated project management, project overall management, on the one hand reflects the meaning of complete and neat symmetry, so overall management is the only through start to finish all the process group knowledge system, from start to finish projects the overall project management have to tube, for micro project, other projects knowledge system, or a set of process can be cut, but the overall process management is the smallest set, every process of the project are very important; Second, the integration of resources, integration of stakeholders, integration of other project process groups, and integration of four elements of the project.

Seven processes for project management

Develop a document that formally approves the project or phase, and records the process of initial requirements that reflect the needs and expectations of the stakeholder.
The process of documenting the actions necessary to define, prepare, integrate and coordinate all subplans.
The process of executing the work defined in the project management plan to achieve the project objectives.
Track, review and adjust project progress to achieve the performance objectives identified in the project management plan.
Review all change requests, approve changes, manage changes to deliverables, organizational process assets, project files, and project management plans.
Complete all activities of the project management process group to formally end the project or phase process.

There are seven problems for the hospital project construction

What kind of hospital should be built? What do you need to do to build this hospital? Who will do the work? How do they collaborate on these tasks? How much money is needed to do these jobs? How long will it take to do the work? When will the investment be paid?

The above seven problems generally cover the major problems that the investor concerned during the implementation of project construction project after project creation. It may seem simple, but if you want to answer every question with practical management, you need to implement it step by step with the help of modern project management tools.

Hospital construction project as a complex project, the management problems are often the integrity, and the current investors often focus more on the contractor on the specific content of management, contractor's scope of project management both on time and are part of the project management, cannot cover the investor from overall project management content. The investment project management is characterized by integrity, dominance and universality. It can be said that the decision-making and management level of the investors directly determines the success or failure of the project. Managed by professional project management company or investors to set up management team management, project management, its essence are the investors and the investor choice and decision functions can never be replaced. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to improve the project management ability in terms of the complexity of hospital construction projects.
         The construction project management of the investment party, from the time dimension and the spatial dimension of the management object, is to be widely used in the project management of the contractor, and the focus of the two is different.

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