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Project Approval And Review

The overall evaluation and analysis of the project will promote the evaluation of hospital project approval.

According to the different characteristics of each stage of the project life cycle, we divided the project evaluation into three parts: pre-project evaluation, project evaluation and post-project evaluation.
Because of the different contents and priorities of project management in these three stages, the content of the project evaluation is different.

The specific content

The review of project approval is completed in two steps, including the review of the management committee of the management company and the review of the investment management decision-making committee. Management company management planning programme management committee review the data of manner, the review committee members of the project feasibility study report written review opinions, to the business management department to revise the project feasibility study report.The investment management decision committee makes the final decision of project approval.

Review of project feasibility study report and related annexes.

     A ) The reliability of the background information used
     B ) Whether the content of the feasibility demonstration analysis is complete
     C ) Whether the analytical method is feasible
     D ) Whether there is a preconceived "hypothesis".

The conformity of the proposed development project and the group's real estate development strategy.

     A) geographical selection
     B) coordination between project brand and enterprise brand
     C) development project scale
     D) development project level
     E) target customer selection.

Investment returns and risks

     A) adequacy of risk analysis; B) whether the risk aversion measures are feasible
     C) the impact of potential risks on investment management strategies
     D) confidence level of investment income measurement
     E) whether the investment income meets the requirements.

Evaluation of project planning.

     A) the conformity of project planning analysis and group business strategy
     B) innovative planning concepts
     C) whether the project plan and sales plan are feasible.

Evaluation of resource capacity

     A) the impact of development projects on recent business plans
     B) feasibility of funding sources
     C) project development and management capability
     D) feasibility of professional resources and solutions.
The review plan shall notify the participants at least 3 days in advance, and the project feasibility study report and relevant information shall be attached. Participants must review the feasibility study report and relevant information in advance.The assessor may communicate with the relevant personnel prior to the preparation of the report, or submit the evaluation opinion at the review meeting. The review should ensure sufficient time for clarification and recognition of questions, comments and Suggestions raised by the judges.At the end of the meeting, the reviewers will make a written comprehensive assessment, development proposal and review conclusion.Within three days, the management department of the management company comprehensively analyzed the opinions and the conclusions of the members, formed the minutes of the investment decision meeting and reported to the head of the investment party.
The conclusions are divided into three categories: Agreement Objection Delay

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