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Hospital Consultation Management

Projects of comprehensive one-stop consultancy services "one-on-one" close management consultants.

Project management experts through their knowledge and experience, in view of the practical problems and characteristics of the hospital project, with reference to the actual case of project management, to resolve the various problems in application of project management in hospital, to help investors to analyze the present situation of project management, determine the improvement direction, and build a new project management system is the main content of the project management consulting and implementation method.
YiJiang use special medical project construction knowledge and methods to organize and organize project cooperation activities, such as planning, organization, implementation and control of consulting project operation. The goal of project management: the quality goal, namely achieving the expected performance; Cost objective, i.e. project expenditure within the scope of cost and budget constraints; The time goal is to carry out consulting work according to the project progress plan and submit the consultation report according to the contract time; The scope objective, that is, the defined scope of work is consistent with the efficiency principle.

Project management consulting system.

Project management consulting is closely connected with enterprise management consulting, alone with a one-sided emphasis on the project management consulting is not objective, any project management consulting is inseparable from the organizational structure and organizational Settings, and the correct project management consulting is standing in the height of the organization, the use of the organization's strategy and planning on organizational project management present situation and the problems of analysis and diagnosis. Project management consulting and management consulting organization is one of the biggest difference between with organization management strategy, systems, processes, rules and the external manifestation of human resources, through the project management consulting system, the application of scientific knowledge system and method, shape and transformation under the existing organizational structure of project management standards and methods, reshape the scientific nature of the project management, professional project management and the external embodiment of value.

Therefore, the project management system is the important part of enterprise management consulting system, besides has the general features of enterprise management consulting, at the same time need to use the multidisciplinary, professional project management knowledge, technology, tools and methods and system integration and project management knowledge system, so as to exert the value of the project management consulting.

Project management consulting process.

Project management consulting content need according to the organization's project management status and different project management model (single project management, project management and project portfolio management) of the actual situation, determine the depth of the project management consulting and height. Project management problems are not just a matter of project management. The root cause of the project management problem is determined through comprehensive project analysis and judgment. Therefore, it is very important to determine the professional and scientific project management consulting process.

The project management consulting process is an important guarantee and service standard to guarantee the project management consulting results. Different project types and their own characteristics have different requirements for the knowledge and methods of project management consulting. It is difficult to solve the project management consulting requirements of different levels, characteristics and organization types by comprehensive project management knowledge and technology. It is necessary to carry out horizontal integration through integrated management, professional technology and project management method, so as to ensure the quality and level of project management consultation.

Project management consultation process.

The final result of the project management consulting service needs to be promoted to the core value of the project management consulting results. And the scientific nature of the project management consultation process of project management has determined the reliability and practical value of the project management consulting results. Therefore, implementing project management consulting through project management process is the correct method and way to ensure the project management consulting results.

Project management delegate method.

The project owner may select the project management enterprise through bidding or entrustment, and sign the project management contract with the selected project management enterprise in writing. The contract shall specify the term of performance, scope of work, rights, obligations and responsibilities of both parties, project management fee and payment method, and settlement of contract disputes.

Engineering survey, design, supervision, and other enterprises at the same time to undertake the same engineering project management and its qualification within the scope of the engineering survey, design, supervision, shall be in accordance with the tendering and bidding shall be determined by way of bidding and tendering.

Construction enterprises shall not engage in project management and project contracting business in the same project.

The development of project management knowledge and technology indicates the importance of the specialization and subdivision of project management consulting. The content of the project management consulting and services form the same must be combined with the project management practice of constant innovation and improvement to their integration with industry-specific, do more project management professional technical and management advantages, from the organization highly recognition and realize project management consulting service value.

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