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Hospital Operation Planning

Hospital operation multiple planning to display perfect marketing at any time.

People have no I have the original technology, the person has my superiority is the superiority technology, the person many I jing is the characteristic technology. It is these technologies that make up the characteristic operation, which is the core of forming effective competitiveness. The foundation of carrying out characteristic operation is "the college has the key discipline, the branch has the specialty characteristic, the person has the technical expertise". To develop technical characteristics depends on technological innovation, and technological innovation relies on high-quality talents, and the ability to complete innovation requires equipment, capital and other working conditions. Therefore, the characteristic management strategy emphasizes the characteristics and innovation, which actually reflects the core competitiveness of the hospital. The essence of innovation is to create first, to occupy medical care.

At present, the problem of hospital marketing

The modern marketing view holds that the starting point of hospital marketing is patients, not hospitals. The focus is on the medical services the patient needs to benefit from the patient's satisfaction, not by increasing the number of patients. At present, most hospitals still wait for patients to come to their own door, and the hospital is the center, rather than the patient's point of view to provide corresponding services. Medical staff have poor working attitude and lack of patience and service concept.
The convergence of services means that there is no segmentation of the service market, and only one service is provided for all kinds of diseases and patients. With the constant change of consumer demand, the personalized demand for medical services is also increasing, and the limited service scope of hospitals greatly affects the appeal of hospitals to patients.
The process of hospital marketization is also the process of its enterprise. For hospitals, the construction of perfect marketing organization can greatly help the operation of enterprises. The lack of enterprise integrated marketing planning, quality management, crisis public relations and other departments in the hospital greatly limited the ability of hospitals to carry out service marketing.
Image in people mind, the hospital has been linked to high fees, poor service attitude, the concept of medical accidents more connected, the hospital in terms of changing consumer traditional idea of publicity measures has been not enough, so that the patient to the hospital in psychological have a potential conflict psychology. How to change the consumer's idea, the hospital's own propaganda is also a big problem facing the hospital.

Marketing countermeasures

Actively develop medical insurance, improve service quality, cultivate credibility, and reduce the harm of false advertising. In the early stage of market incubation, we will expand multi-channel marketing and advertising, so as to quickly establish popularity and establish a stable position and new consumption habits. Target urban community residents and urban floating population and rural areas. (special treatment strategy for older workers) Clearly understand the target appeal, fully consider the patient's psychological habits, and avoid the psychological aversion of patients.

The importance of marketing planning: without marketing ideas or marketing ideas, random act and blind horse riding will inevitably bring serious consequences to the hospital. Therefore, marketing ideology is weak, and the result will be the "subversion" of hospital fate. Attaches great importance to the market research and development, improve the development of hospital marketing ideas, marketing strategy research and strategy of real-time adjustment, development of the hospital will play a positive role, is conducive to the development of hospital upward.

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