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Medical City Project As A Whole Trusteeship

The use of professional power to create a universal healthcare environment.

The medical practitioner USES specialized medical project construction knowledge and methods to organize, organize, implement and control the project activities of the consulting project. The goal of project management: the quality goal, namely achieving the expected performance; Cost objective, i.e. project expenditure within the scope of cost and budget constraints; The time goal is to carry out consulting work according to the project progress plan and submit the consultation report according to the contract time; The scope objective, that is, the defined scope of work is consistent with the efficiency principle.

health city can be divided into two camps

A medical health theme city with vertical line development. This kind of theme health city concept is the disease type or customer group as the positioning foundation, medical treatment as the basic service, the characteristic medical health service as the main business. A medical theme city that runs horizontally across the professional field. This kind of healthy city concept is more to provide quality medical service in high-end medical treatment and high-precision medical technology.

Health city is popular source five special factors

As "healthy China" is upgraded to national strategy, the big health industry is heating up rapidly. The health needs of more than a billion people are facing an explosion, medical city, and the concept of healthy city is gradually attracting the attention of industry and media.

The health city project is not just about business; The health service industry is closely related to the people's livelihood, on the one hand, it needs to be supported by the policy. On the one hand, we should consider the matching of resources; Two key conditions should be taken into consideration, and the problems of survival and battalion development should be considered in the market perspective. The multi-factor of the development of a healthy city; Because the health city from the policy to the project itself involved in the complicated links. It is usually led by local governments, led by companies, and co-sponsored by medical regulators. The particularity of health city in the background of medical reform; The new medical reform promotes the allocation and optimization of existing medical resources, regional prevention and centralized diagnosis and treatment network. And the improvement of medical payment and medical supervision. Health city exploration is full of special factors. There are few reference cases of healthy city mature model; The form of health city involves policy supporting, financial payment, infrastructure construction, project planning, medical treatment, health service, healthy business, and supporting life. The business spans several areas, and how to integrate services with large differences in business attributes is not yet mature in China. The operation risk of medical health service innovation form concealment; The health city originated from the background of inadequate medical resources at the present stage, and develops in the gradual improvement of medical resources (the next 5-10 years). The real competition will be the more solid phase of medical and informationization (10 to 20 years); In the early stage of the imbalance between supply and demand, project construction and planning seldom take into account the branding operation of healthy city. However, the problems of health city positioning, capacity planning, financial payment, customer guidance, business chain integration, and member service management are easily ignored in the early stage.

Health city forms function programming and city planning of the formats the challenge to the three aspects

The challenge of integration of medicine, maintenance and health.

Health city covers the functions of medicine, nursing, health and commerce. How to gain insight into various industries and choose competitive business to run through the healthy city chain?

Regional division and capacity allocation challenge.

How to rationally plan the regional functions of each business section, and coordinate with each other? The human flow line should meet the requirements of professional service function, but also can take into account the maximization of regional function and business capacity.

Business selection and entry strategy challenges.

healthcare reform, the regulatory standards of each business sector are imperfect and the competition agencies are uneven. How to learn from the experience of foreign mature industry, can avoid policy and regulatory risks, and choose competitive business strategy?

Medical service is survival, the customer needs to choose, must arrive; Focus on the technical brand, expert strength; The health service is life, the demand scene that the customer produces is diversified, can replace the choice is high, be affected by the scene factor; Healthy city business is business, demand is predictable, but information is transparent, choice channel is diverse, consumption scene is diverse; Financial payment is the core supporting. With the emergence of healthy city, medical and health service industry will produce cross-regional and diversified consumption forms. Health insurance, business insurance, payment method how to get through; How to run through the different attributes? The C terminal customers and the maximization of customer demand will have a significant impact on the c-terminal diversion, regional production capacity and customer management in healthy city.
From the inception to the opening, the medical health city experienced a process from scratch. And the break-even point is the process of life and death. First, the passenger flow problem, followed by medical treatment, the health city needs a large number of outpatient and passenger flow to support its operating costs. How to guide the flow? How will the fee be settled? How to increase per capita capacity? How to live in the early days when the idle resources? Professional employment and performance mechanism? All kinds of business problems are necessary for a healthy city.

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