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Medical Institutions Elastic Project Services

Experience the quality of the flexible service and feel the full customization.

HElastic project service refers to the medical institutions as basis for hospital project status and variation of the external environment and their own conditions to develop and implement strategies, and according to the result of the implementation process and evaluation and feedback to adjust and develop new strategies and new service process. It can be independently completed by the medical project investor; Complete with the help of a team of experts; Invite professional management consulting company to complete when necessary.
The flexible project service must be executable, which includes two basic elements: hospital development direction and hospital resource allocation strategy. Suitable for rapid evolution, service contents of hospital development strategy planning from the early stage of the planning concept, following the development of the strategic investors to the overall planning and transformation, also need with the progress of new technology, new mode of the development of random adjustments to the project.

Direction and objectives

Time Section -- The direction is persistent, open-ended, and time-bound. Goals are time-bound and can be replaced by subgoals. Particularity -- Direction refers to a wide range of content, more general, is involved in the impression, style and knowledge of things; The goal is more exclusive, something that can be reached at some point. Focus -- Direction is often described in terms of external environment, while the goal is introverted, implying how to utilize the enterprise's resources. Measurement -- The direction and the target are quantifiable, but the direction is related.

Effective strategic features.

The effectiveness of elastic service includes two aspects, one is whether the strategy is correct or not, the right strategy should be good match between the organization resources and the environment. The other aspect is whether the strategy is appropriate for the organization's management process, which is to match the organization's activities.

The Goal Is Cclear -- The goal of flexible planning should be clear and not ambiguous. Its content should inspire and inspire. The goal should be advanced, but it can be achieved through hard work, and the language it describes should be firm and concise. Enforceability Good -- A good strategy that should be popular, clear and executable, it should be the guide of the leaders at all levels, make the leaders at all levels can understand it exactly, execute it, and make their own strategy consistent with it. Organizational Personnel Implementation -- The people who make the strategy are also the people who carry out the strategy. A good strategic plan can only be realized if there are good people to execute it. As a result, the strategic plan calls for a level of implementation until the individual. Senior leadership strategy formulated by the general should be told in the form of direction and constraints at a lower level, the lower accept the task, and in the same way tell again at a lower level, such themselves refinement, do deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, everyone knows, strategic planning is personal. Personalised strategic plans define the responsibilities of everyone and motivate everyone. On the one hand, it encourages people to think, and on the other hand, increases the vitality and creativity of the organization. In a complex organization, it is difficult to identify all opportunities only by the top leadership. Flexibility -- The goal of an organization may not change over time, but its scope and form of organizational planning change all the time. The strategic plan is a temporary document, which should be checked and reviewed periodically, and the flexibility will make it easy to adapt to the needs of change.

With our professional custom elastic project for medical institutions, elastic planning to build a hospital, there are beautifully designed, the advantages of strong scalability, can the overall planning, apply respectively (piecewise local planning design). In hospital planning, investors can play to their creative fantasy, while medical artisan can use their powerful design research and development technology, meet the demand of hospital construction, make visual for hospital elegant, interactive friendly health care environment, makes every effort to let the public shine at the moment.

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